Salagir Tetris' Results in Sogamed

Hello. This page is here to show all the records of my (good) tetris games on the flash game in sogamed.

The flash game is quite well done. But flash still isn't good enough to make a good gameplay. You can't turn and move the bloc at the same time. When near the top of the screen, it becomes really bothering.
On the other hand, the speed doesn't increase much when levels adds up (but the points do), so it's more an endurance game than a reflex game. This is why getting theses scores is in fact, easy ^_^

About cheaters: flash being what it is, there is no 100% sure way to make the scoring impossible to hack. I mean that a good hacker can write in sogamed the score he wants. Absolutely. That's why the admins ask us to record our games and that's just normal.

Demos are quite big (about 5 MB each) so I changed the display. The flash will be displayed in an iframe so you will only load what you want.
I've also changed the order. Latest demo first.

22 789 818 the 2005-09-05

This was a looooong game. About two hours. I don't think I'll... play again for a while.

About the video export... Well bad news, the Flash... doesn't accept more than 1600 frames (loser!). What does it mean? It means that considering the length of the movie, I can't have more than... 2 frames per second!!

I paused several times, to check irc, mail, whatever. On one of the pauses, I forgot to launch back the controler so you miss a block (and a line I think). Sorry about that. On several other times, I tryed to do something on irc (on another computer) and such without pausing, and it's usually the explanation when you see a block falling never turning, go into the middle, where it should not have been.

The whole demo in AVI (86 MB). This one is in good speed! Yeah!!!

The 2 frames per seconds flash video (20 MB). Because of that, the fucking fastforward is here again:

And here we have the video, cut in 3 Flash parts (3x10 MB), at 6 frames per second. Really more anjoyable. But still too fast T_T
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

4 612 681 the 2005-09-04

Surprise of the week-end: the slowness of my laptop's hard drive makes Camtasia Studio and every other soft launched lag like hell. The tetris looks like Doom 3 played on a Super Nintendo.
So I didn't use it for all my games. And on this one, when saw I wasn't far from breaking the record, I launched it and used it.
Bastard. That killed me. All the errors you see at the end, I'd never have done them with a good framerate. But well.

The video is going way too fast (see the time at the bottom right).
I guess it's playing the usual number of frames per seconds not knowing that, because of the lag, the video got really less images by seconds. So it's like... fast-forward.

1 579 887 the 2005-09-03 (2 AM)

I just played, at a friend's computer... Bad idea.
You can write the name you want, the score doesn't care, especially if someone was already logged!
So my score is recorded as MonicaBis... Sorry for you, but I'm sure you can beat it and make it yours again.
Anyway, I didn't beat my 1st score so I'll be back, and with the recorder ;p

681 430 the 2005-09-02

Now uploaded.

591 102 the 2005-09-01

This gave me the 2nd rank, and it's my first attempt with the recorder.
Frankly, I'm quite ashamed of it. You'll see in it many many errors, maybe due to the stress considered I was being recorded ;p
While playing, my boss began trolling about WW2, that was fun ;p
So yup, I'm playing at work, but only after work hours ;)

1 647 533 the 2005-08-29

This score make me first in the rankings! I'm so proud T_T
It's not in the page that displays the top 10 because that top was reseted at the beginning of the month.
I didn't know anything about recording at the time so no proof but don't worry, I think I'll do better.

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